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原文标题:China on Four Wheels


I did but with increasing lack of interest, sadly a pretty interesting programme was undermined by larking presenters carrying on like it was a three week holiday


A very poor programme, a wasted opportunity with irrelevant self-indulgence from the two presenters.

What a shame.

Embarrassingly trivial, with little substance, it's hard to imagine they could have made a bigger hash of it.

An hour of nothingness really, which should be impossible in somewhere as diverse and mysterious as China.



Agree with above comments.What should have been a great programme was ruined by those two idiots acting the fool.This needed a Palin or Fry to do it justice.


Off the back of Ken Hom and Ching-He Huang excellent series, we have Dumb & Dumber in China, which was bad...but for me, I still enjoyed it....for all the wrong reasons....presenting was awful, but there was some interesting facts, trying to get out.

And just seeing all the amazing sights of China, is good enough for me.....just a shame, we have poor presenters.

Ken Hom和Ching-He Huang主持了很棒的节目后,这期有关中国的纪录片拍得不好。不过我仍然喜欢就是了...虽然主持得不好,不过有一些有趣的事实值得品味。


I was looking forward to this but became increasing bored. I really didn't want to see how many expensive sportscars the boy had or how they "bought" their travelling cars. As others have said it is such a wasted opportunity.


Yeah i thought the same, was very disappointed. Seemed very dulled down and diddnt learn that much about the country.

I feel that the BBC could do with making a proper travel documentary of China. Palin for example, but not sure if he would given his age. Paul Merton had a decent, but wacky documentary traveling around China, but i would love to watch a proper and serious one, that goes over the history and tradition of this massive country. Simon Reeve would do a great job, or even Bruce Parry

Interestingly, i think Palin has a documentary about South America coming out in a few months, looking forward to that!

我同样觉得失望,感到情绪低落,对这个国家他们没有学习到多少。我认为BBC本可以做一个很好的中国纪录片,PALIN就可以做到,他年龄可能不合适。 Paul Merton 做了一个优雅但古怪的中国纪录片。但我想看更严肃一些的片子。有关这个庞大国家的历史和传统,Simon Reeve 可以胜任,甚至Bruce Parry也行。


I'm afraid I am going to join the chorus.

I was really looking forward to this - the concept sounded like it had so much potential - but find the presenters a bit irritating. Already in the pre-titles "blurb", the lady said "what is that thing...? [sic]" and the camera zoomed out to show the Pearl Oriental Tower. Granted, this could have been edited to look like so, and not everybody knows the landmarks of Shanghai, but I feel that any presenter worth their salt would have done some research... or had somebody do the research for them.




How disappointing. I think I'll at least give it a go now that I've got it recorded.

I was hoping for something as good as the culinary tour with Ken Hom and Ching-He Huang which I thought was wonderful.

I'd love to see a proper in depth series with Simon Reeve. It is such a fascinating country and it is going through such amazing change. It would be good to record some of the more traditional ways of life before they disappear without trace.

Does anyone remember a documentary series showing life in a remote village in a mountainous region of China many years ago? I think it was called something like "Beyond the Clouds". I loved it so much.


我希望是Ken Hom 和 Ching-He Huang 做的那样的美食旅游,这才会精彩。

我愿看到是Simon Reeve做出的那样有深度的纪录片。这是一个迷人的国家,有这么大的变化,这本应该是记录传统生活方式在他们消失前的纪录片。

谁记得多年前的一个记录中国山区偏远生活的纪录片吗?好像叫“Beyond the Clouds”,我很喜欢它。

I remember that wonderful series mazzy.

I'd marked this out to watch tonight and feel disappointed in the general consensus in above posts (which I trust because we documentary lovers usually are in agreement). I too loved the Ken Hom programmes.

China is endlessly fascinating and I don't want to see silly presenters messing around.


我把它标出来,留到晚上看。对以上回帖表现出来的普遍共识感到失望。我也喜欢Ken Hom主持的节目。


I don't want to know how many cars that spoilt brat who was handed down the company by mum and dad has. Or that one of the presenters couldn't drive. Which btw, will probably be coming out of taxpayers' bills!


It was pretty ironic though, she was going on about how dangerous the roads were, then a few minutes after getting her 4x4 she crashes it


I admit I only remembered this programme was on half a hour into it, but from what I saw it seemed an endless journey of motorways from city to city to the final city of Shanghai. Where was the countryside in between? I suppose a visit to a local garage was supposed to make up for the lack of it!!

The BBC could have made a great programme with such an opportunity, instead they wasted it, together with our licence fee



I watched both programmes and I pretty much concur the comments. A great documentary ruined by the presenters - some interesting facts but barely failed to scratch the surface.

Anita Rani made me cringe at times, she seems 'up own backside to me' (and not just because she got to drive the black comfortable 'tank'). Justin Rowlatt was OK I thought but even I cringed when the female tourist walked away after he badly phrased a question about the progress of China under communism and capitalism.

The twosome did a similar type of documentary last year about India which was 3 one hour programmes I think

看了这个节目。我很同意,一个好纪录片被两主持人毁了。说出了一些有趣的事实,但仅仅是隔靴搔痒。Anita Rani 不时让我要讨好她的样子(可能翻错了),她总背对着我(并不只是因为她要驾驶一辆黑色舒服的越野车). Justin Rowlatt 还行,即使他有一个严厉的有关和资本主义问题后,女游客走开了。


A bit cringeworthy in parts,e.g.the miss-handled question at the Mao statue and her running out of a restaurant in disgust.They must have thought what a bozo we have here.

Otherwise,quite a good travelogue.Lets have another China doc BBC,this time with more competent presenters



After watching the India shows they did, I looked forward to this one.

Unfortunately I was very disappointed. Anita Rani in particular was very embarrassing. Laughing like an idiot after crashing that fancy car, and then spitting food out because it didn't taste right.

This could have been really good, but the two presenters ruined it.

印度的节目之后,我盼望这个节目。不幸的是我很失望。 Anita Rani 特别让人尴尬,撞车后像傻子一样大笑,之后有吐出食物,因为它味道不好。


Sloppy stuff. Can't believe Anita Rani even got another chance after doing India, I find her fake and nowhere near Bollywood material (they seem to be going for the Top Gear route of invented chaos, so contrived).

麻痹的,不相信Anita Rani 在印度之旅后还有另外一个机会,我觉得他做作。不是宝莱坞明星的料。(他们似乎去专门找混乱的路线拍摄)

Anita said it best near the end, they're getting richer, more consumerist and more capitalist - and they all want western brands.

I find it extremely sad that the Chinese cannot show the same level of patriotism in homegrown brands and local companies as America, Britain, Japan, South Korea... even India (notice the recent mass protests against the Indian government opening up the market to foreign supermarkets) when they were growing. It basically means they have become a whitewashed country, equating success and status with western brands - no matter how successful they have become, out of the blood sweat and tears of their own people


Does anyone remember a documentary about China's baby girls being abandoned by their families? I think it was called The Crying Rooms or something similar.
It featured the orphanages the children ended up in and I think the filming was mainly done in secret.

It really shocked me at the time and I know I'll never forget it - I was in tears during most of it. I think there was a follow-up a couple of years later
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