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Quora: 2008年北京奥运会开幕式的评价最高吗?

Is the opening ceremony of the 2008 Beijing Olympics the highest rated?



Carlos Matias La Borde, overthinker
Answered Aug 25, 2016 · Upvoted by Alex Chen, Born and raised in China; currently a PhD student in University of Liverpool
Every Olympic ceremony that I’ve seen since has been a buzzkill by comparison. I don’t know why I keep expecting them to be so great…
Yes. China’s opening ceremony was breath-taking and spectacular, and in my opinion, easily trounces any other ceremony that I’ve seen before or since.



The sheer scale, the length, the size of the space, the culture, the number of people, the choreography, the combination of technology and stagecraft and raw human beings…
It all came together into something transcendentally beautiful and fantastical.
Even though my family just watched it on TV, I still remember the powerful feeling that it carried with it.


It was like when I watched a rendition of the Nutcracker in the Bardavon Opera House as a child.. whatever that feeling was, it was very similar. Back when the world seemed bigger and brighter. The wonder, the spectacle, the darkness, the quiet awe, gazing down at the stage from a great height while sitting snugly in winter clothes alongside my family..
The feeling was almost exactly the same for me. That’s a powerful thing.
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Ilya Fedorchuk, 9 years a competitive swimmer, still smell like chlorine
Updated Feb 23, 2017 · Upvoted by Alex Chen, Born and raised in China; currently a PhD student in University of Liverpool
With a budget of over $100 million, the 2008 Beijing opening ceremony was not short on grandeur. Telling the story of China’s 4,000 year history is no small feat and Beijing pulled it off spectacularly. It boasted 15,000 performers over a huge four hour performance. 2,008 drummers welcomed the 91,000+ spectators to the Bird’s Nest. My favorite part was the Silk Road with all of the extravagant costumes and the giant scroll unwinding. All things considered I believe that Beijing was the best ceremony in recent memory and probably also the best of all time.
2,008 bronze Fou drums welcome the world to Beijing 2008




Silk Road segment of the 2008 Beijing opening ceremony




Jonathan Demessew
Answered Aug 8, 2016
I’ve only seen a few opening ceremonies in my lifetime but yes the opening of the 2008 games was the best in my opinion. It wasn't just extravagant and spectacular, it was also meant to display China’s rise to near-superpower status.
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Keshav Keswani, Avid sports fan
Answered Aug 6, 2016
Yes, everything about it was just magical and a great spectacle to see for anyone around the world. The choreography and performance surpassed everyone and all future host countries will be looking to imitate what they did eight short years ago.


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